What Is a Google Penalty and How Do I Avoid It?

  There are two forms of “penalties” that SEOs think about when they refer to a Google penalty. One is a manual action penalty, which is site-specific and intentionally applied. The other type of “penalty” is really more of a consequence. It happens when a site loses rankings as a result of the Google algorithm. Google  reports  that manual actions occur less and less frequently as the algorithm gets smarter. For example, Google applied 2.9 million manual actions in 2020, which is far fewer than the 4 million sent in 2018 and the 6 million in 2017. Since algorithmic hits account for ranking drops more and more, calling them search engine penalties sounds fair to me. Below I’ll give more details about both types and why penalties exist. Feel free to jump ahead: How webmaster guidelines and penalties work What is a Google manual action penalty What is an algorithmic penalty How Webmaster Guidelines and Penalties Work Google’s “ Webmaster Guidelines ” help website publishers understand wh

The Always Up-to-Date SEO Checklist

  SEO Checklist:   a list of best practices and reminders that help websites perform better in search engine rankings. Not making mistakes is an important first step for helping the search engines, notably Google, reward your site in rankings. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an evolving discipline. It’s rooted in both best practices and trending strategies. This is why having the latest information on hand is vital when you’re optimizing a website for search engines. I first introduced an SEO checklist in my training course, and quickly realized its value for both new and seasoned professionals. Today, this page is a popular resource that we update regularly. We try to keep this a short list for easy reference. If you want more details, please visit our  SEO Guide  helping you learn how to do search engine optimization. One checklist can’t uncover everything an individual business should do when it comes to SEO and its website. But this one is pretty close with 40 SEO categories th